Client Success Story

Transportation Cost Management



Client Snapshot

The Client is a well-respected leader in the pet food manufacturing industry. They have a strong focus on innovation to meet the evolving needs of their customers while delivering on their core values of quality and customer service. With their facilities running 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, this client relies on dedicated partners who are committed to providing them with exceptional service. Their business uses Full Truckload for all inbound equipment and supply shipments as well as high-volume Less Than Truckload (LTL) for all outbound product shipments.

The Challenge

The Client's efforts to seek out efficiencies and innovation in every aspect of their operations led them to evaluate their inbound and outbound shipments. With an unwavering service level commitment to their clients, they require shipping partners that provide the same exceptional level of service. Guaranteed high service levels, simplicity of booking & tracking shipments, and efficiency of operations in a carrier was resulting in high costs. Adding even more complexity to their logistics challenge - their freight is heavy. Food processing units were exceeding 10,000 lbs. which not every carrier can handle properly on a global scale. For those reasons, the Client had been using a reliable one-carrier solution on all shipments. This one-carrier solution offered consistent service, but inhibited the Client's ability to effectively negotiate the most competitive rates.

The Solution

eShipping's approach of All Modes, All Optimized, All Visible® empowers our teams to evaluate client challenges holistically. eShipping's supply chain analysts audited the Client's inbound and outbound shipment needs across all modes they were using; LTL, Truckload & International. Prior to partnering with eShipping, the Client didn't have access to reports on the effectiveness and efficiencies of their shipping decisions. eShipping's commitment to visibility provided the Client with ongoing reporting tools as well as two Quarterly Business Reviews per year to ensure continuous improvement.

The Results

Before partnering with eShipping, the client had been using a one-carrier solution and still are to this day. In fact, they're still using the same carrier as before for all inbound and outbound shipping. With the help of our dedicated team and eShipManager® technology, the Client experienced several critical improvements including; a considerable cost savings of 11%, continuous freight optimization and complete visibility across all modes. The Client is staying focused on quality of products and customer service while eShipping is hyper-focused on helping them optimize their logistics.

eShipping's optimization process used competitive shipper's rates as well as eShipping's lower negotiated rates with the Client's existing carrier to provide an 11% cost savings while maintaining the exceptional service levels the Client required.



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