Client Success Story

Flatbed Truckload Services



Client Snapshot

The Client is a leading provider of premium wellhead products, field services, asset management, and repair services. They provide value through their commitment to service, safety and quality in everything they do. A commitment to both customer satisfaction and ongoing technical training is what sets this Client apart. With 11 locations and manufacturing facilities, the Client relies heavily on a logistics partner with a complete transportation management solution and a proven track record of excellent customer service.

The Challenge

The Client didn’t have a structured process in place across their locations enabling them to book flatbed shipping, save price quotes, and track their shipments. Instead, team members at each location were calling local carriers and later reviewing costs and customer service after the shipments were delivered. This approach was resulting in several challenges for the Client. First, with nearly 75% of the Client’s flatbed shipments being moved between their own locations, 100% of those shipping costs we’re being applied to their profit margin. Any efficiencies would result in a tremendous impact on their profitability. Second, they were using a limited carrier network which didn’t allow them to fully negotiate the lowest possible rates. The Client was searching for a solution that could both solve these challenges as well as reduce team member efforts spent on booking, tracking, and auditing shipments.

The Solution

At eShipping, our Complete Transportation Management Solution, eShipManager®, provides Clients with competitive rates, shipment tracking, risk mitigation, and freight bill audit & payment support. The eShipping team implemented eShipManager at all Client locations allowing them to efficiently process shipments with a scalable system in place. This instantly provided the Client with the ability to search for and optimize individual shipment rates by leveraging eShipping’s network volume and established carrier rates. But we didn’t stop there – our eShipping Truckload Team met with our preferred Flatbed and Hot Shot Carriers to negotiate year-long pricing on all of the Client’s static lanes which further expanded their carrier network.

The Client is saving an average of 13.9% on their flatbed shipments since implementing eShipManager®, eShipping’s Complete Transportation Management Solution


The Results

The Client is saving on average 13.9% on their flatbed shipments now that they’re booking through eShipManager. They’re utilizing more carriers and our team of freight bill specialists are carefully auditing each and every one of the Client’s freight bills for accuracy and disputing errors on their behalf. Shipments are billed to the client in a weekly consolidated, GL-coded invoice for easy payment.

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