Client Success Story

DHL International Parcel Service



Client Snapshot

The Client is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium concrete production and handling equipment. For more than 80 years they’ve helped build some of the largest and most complex projects in history; the Panama Canal, tunnels, bridges, oil platforms, banks, hotels, professional sports stadiums, airports, and most recently – One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) in New York City. Being involved in multi-billion dollar construction and infrastructure projects means even the slightest delay can cost the Client and their partners tens of thousands of dollars every day. Projects of this magnitude require the use of a dependable international parcel partner managing the delivery of legal documents, architectural plans, and other critical documents.

The Challenge

The Client was experiencing service and support issues with their UPS International Parcel Service. Parcel invoices were inconsistent and, in some cases, not sent at all, causing suspension of the Client’s shipping accounts. The service suspension, at no fault of their own, was putting at risk the Client’s commitment to supporting its customers’ success at completing projects on time and on budget. Not only were there challenges with the timeliness and delivery of invoices, the Client was unable to secure competitive international parcel rates due to their “lower volume” in the specific international parcel lane. The Client sought a solution from eShipping’s DHL International team to better equip themselves and serve their clients as promised.

The Solution

eShipping introduced the Client to our comprehensive DHL International Service for their international parcel needs and initially targeted a high volume inbound lane. While our parcel team provided clear support, our shipment care group monitored for exception shipments, and DHL provided exceptional service through accurate and timely invoicing for duties and taxes. Before transitioning the Client from UPS to DHL, eShipping's Solutions Team created a detailed UPS incentive impact analysis that highlighted the Client’s current spend with UPS, the applicable revenue discount, and the possible impact transitioning international parcel to DHL would have on their existing rates. Our impact analysis provided the Client with a two year net impact of considerable savings with a simple transition to the eShipping DHL International Program.

The Client’s decision to use eShipping’s DHL International Program resulted in an overall savings of 17%, putting them on track for considerable savings in their first two years.

The Results

In December 2015, the Client transitioned to eShipping’s DHL International Program on all parcel shipments imported from Germany. After only three months, the Client requested that our team transition all import and export shipments to DHL International through eShipping. In Q1 2016, we implemented a parcel processing system which helped fuel the Client’s transition on all international parcel to DHL. The resulting financial impact was an overall savings of 17%, putting them on track for considerable savings in their first two years on the program. In addition to savings, the Client’s billing have remained timely and accurate to date and, most important of all – the Client is fulfilling their commitments to their clients and partners.



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