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Client Snapshot

For more than 150 years, this Client has been a leader of innovative research and manufacturing of health care and agriculture products around the world. They leverage their talent and latest technologies to develop new molecules for use in the most innovative products and solutions with the purpose of improving the health of humans, animals, and plants. A foundational element of their success is their profound understanding of the biochemical processes in living organisms. Through their ongoing efforts of partnering with veterinarians, pet owners, and farmers, the Client provides prevention and treatment to over 30 million animals across all seven continents and more than 120 countries.

The Challenge

The same attention to detail that goes into preparation and development of these products must be taken with the Client’s supply chain. Ensuring these products make it into the hands of those veterinarians, pet owners, and farmers relies heavily on a seamless logistics and distribution strategy. If a shipment were to get lost or experience a temperature excursion, there would be major repercussions. Aside from the high costs and significant time investment to reproduce the products, the health of many animals would be at risk.

Unfortunately, this was the case with the Client’s previous logistics partner. The Client was experiencing poor customer service, extreme delays in communication, and incorrect rental type of Active System Management. These issues prompted the Client to reevaluate their logistics provider, which ultimately led them to partnering with the People-Inspired team at eShipping for their global temperature-controlled active service needs.

The Solution

The eShipping International Team took a strategic approach, as we do with onboarding all Clients, by first analyzing the entirety of the Client’s temperature-controlled shipping needs including their current routing, airline partners, and overall management of their supply chain. Our Solutions Team independently researched which airline or combination of airlines would best optimize the routing and transit times for the Client’s destinations.

One of the solutions presented itself with a unique set of challenges; the destination station for one of the major airlines in a heavily-trafficked lane wasn’t yet set up to receive active temperature-controlled units. So we did what any People-Inspired logistics company would do – we worked with the airline’s pharma team on the infrastructure and operating procedures to implement those capabilities. Once the new systems were tested and approved, our International Team went to work scheduling the first of many active temperature-controlled shipments to the destination.

The Results

Since onboarding and managing the Client’s Active Temperature-Controlled Shipping, all shipments have arrived at their destinations without shipping delays and without temperature deviations throughout the journey. eShipping’s International Team is personally managing the Client’s shipments while providing them with timely communications and the highest level of service. As the client continues to expand their distribution to veterinarians, pet owners, and farmers around the world, eShipping provides them with optimized solutions and works with airlines to implement active temperature-controlled capabilities as needed.

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