Our Business Philosophy

To those of you discovering our company via our website, you have by now learned that our business is to provide distribution chain management services and technology to manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers on a global scale. We do this by demonstrating advanced capabilities in all major modes of transportation and we deliver these solutions through our proprietary distribution chain management software and our talented and engaged eShipping team. But what makes us truly special is how we choose to run our business and the purpose behind what drives us.

eShipping is one entity within Engaged Companies, a group of businesses comprised of people who are striving to maximize their unique potential for the benefit of not only themselves, but those around them. It's a philosophy that demonstrates the more we drive our hearts towards a bigger purpose beyond ourselves and our business, the better we will serve those we come in contact with. It is this passion and purpose that acts as a catalyst for excellence, as we deliver the technology and services that improve your business.

I am proud to lead this team of outstanding people and believe deeply that through our actions, inside and out of the office, we will leave behind a legacy we can all be proud of. A legacy of meaningful relationships, sustainable business ideas, and treating each business as an opportunity to fulfill a greater purpose beyond simply turning a profit. On behalf of all Engaged Companies, I encourage you to come meet our people, work alongside us, and experience the difference in how we live our business mission. Come experience "People-Inspired Shipping."




Engaged Companies is built on a foundation of faith. We acknowledge the importance of faith, as it provides a moral compass in which to guide our lives and our business, while giving us meaning beyond ourselves.


We believe that the family unit is a focal point in fulfilling our Mission. For the greater good of society, it is our obligation to begin by providing leadership in our homes and aligning our lives with the values of our company.


We will devote ourselves to our teammates, family, and friends with selfless determination and a dedication to serve others. Our loyalty to our Mission and regard for those who surround us will influence every decision we make.


Integrity is a quality developed by adhering to moral principles. We will have the courage to do what is right and adhere to higher standards, in spite of adverse consequences. As our integrity grows, so will the trust others place in us.

Maximizing Potential

We will not become complacent in living out our Mission. We will be honest about our efforts to fulfill our destinies. We are passionate about living each day to its fullest, and vow to leave all we have on the playing field of life.